DESIGNER FOCUS: Cody Bennett from The Busted Gentleman

To celebrate the launch of The Busted Gentleman's newest collection, Hellenic Collection, we spoke with the brand's founder Cody Bennett on the origins of his brand and what inspires him when creating for it.


Q: How and when did the Busted Gentleman begin?

CB: The Busted Gentleman started about 10 months ago, I had always wanted my own business and to be an entrepreneur, and greek and roman history was always something I was drawn to.


Q: Describe your brand in three words?

CB: History, Curated & Luxury.


Q: Who or what inspires you when creating the pieces we see within your brand?

CB: Instagram is a huge drive for what inspires me, I follow a lot of artists and interior designers that also have a passion for greek/roman history. 


Q: Your most recent Hellenic collection further expands on the pre-existing Grecian / Roman sculpture of Apollo with three new additions - Venus, Orpheus and Hera, what connection do you feel to the Greek / Roman gods and what role have these played in your life?

CB: I have always found a sense of beauty and interest in the greek/roman gods ever since i was little, i have always found them beautiful to look at even if they are in ruin there is still a sense of beauty and calmness. 



Hera,  the crowned matronly queen of the gods known from Greek mythology.


Orpheus,  ‘the father of songs’, represents the very summit of human artistic endeavour.


Q: Who would be your favourite god or goddess and why?

CB: Apollo would have to be my favourite as he is what started the whole concept of the brand, and is still my number one.  



Apollo, embodying youth and beauty.


Q: When you’re not designing or working on your brand, where might we find you?

CB: If I'm not working on my brand, I work full time at The Cool Hunter store as manager and visual merchandiser and have been there for 5 years, and if not there you'll find me at a antique store or galley.


Q: What is next for you and your brand?

CB: I am currently working on expanding the collection of sculpture candles, and also looking to add a few new things to the mix to stay tuned. 


Hellenic Collection: inspired by the idealized forms of classical antiquity 


Explore the new Hellenic Collection here