About us

After years in the fashion industry, inside bright boutiques, working with beautiful brands, I took the leap and opened Frank and Enid out of a desire to build something that was true to me.
I love simplicity. Versatile, effortless, (modern) classic pieces that are wardrobe staples regardless of the season or latest trend.
I think people are tired and overwhelmed all the time and fashion shouldn’t make you feel like that.
And that’s how I felt wearing the pieces in those first boutiques – overwhelmed and out of character.
The truth is, I always go back to jeans and a tee. I’m a jeans and tee girl and it is where I feel most myself. Simple is still beautiful.
I personally source every piece inside Frank and Enid, and each piece sits perfectly within our ethos – simple, beautiful, timeless – and I can’t wait to share them with you.
Hope to see you instore soon.
- Barb x